children's physiotherapy for developmental delay
Conditions Treated
Active Dreams Children's Physiotherapy Practice offers assessment and treatment for a wide range of paediatric conditions, including:
Developmental Delay: Children who are struggling to meet their gross motor milestones e.g. late to sit unsupported, walk unaided.  Other reasons for delay are difficulties due to prematurity or a condition such as Down's syndrome.  For some children assessment, reassurance and advice will be all that is required, others may need more input.
Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedic conditions:
physiotherapy to encourage first steps
In the young baby muscular torticollis and positional talipies may be a problem and in the older child there may be foot or gait (walking) concerns.  Your child may also require a period of rehabilitation following injury or surgery to bring them back to their full functional ability.
Acquired brain injury:
Rehabilitation following an accident or injury which has resulted in more serious, long term concerns.  We have experience in working along side case managers to plan and carry out complex treatment and rehabilitation, working as part of a multi diciplinary team to facilitate the best possible care for the child.  Detailes reports outlining the child's difficulties and physiotherapy recommendations can be provided. 
specialist equipment advice as part of the child's physiotherapy
Neurological conditions:
e.g. cerebral palsy
Your child may require long term therapy input and monitoring or more short term specialist physiotherapy following a growth spurt, surgery etc.  We will discuss what level of therapy input will best meet their needs.  We can also advise on the need for equipment and orthotics.
Dyspraxia/DCD: Assessment and physiotherapy input for children who are experiencing difficulties with their co-ordination and balance skills either at home or at school.
Neuromuscular conditions: e.g. muscular dystrophy