gait disorders and delay can be improved with advice from a paediatric physiotherapist
Active Dreams, The Children's Physiotherapy practice, specialises in providing high quality paediatric physiotherapy to babies and children from ages 0 - 18.  We assess and treat children with a wide range of conditions requiring physiotherapy across Staffordshire and the Midlands.
All children, whatever the physical difficulties they face, can be helped to reach their full potential through seeing a paediatric physiotherapist. 
These difficulties are sometimes a short term/acute problem or may be part of a long term condition.  Your child will always be assessed and treated with a holistic approach, recognising their individual personality and needs.  Children are not just 'mini adults' and they need their physiotherapy treatment sessions to be both fun and rewarding.
Active Dreams will always strive to see your child as an individual not as a condition and will work with the family to reach mutual goals.
Please contact us to discuss how Active Dreams physiotherapy practice can help your child fulfil their potential.
  " Imogen and Isobel were eighteen months old, they were unable to stand independently and didn't attempt to take steps. I was becoming quite anxious about their development.
Linda observed their play and diagnosed them with having hypermobility syndrome. They were then referred to orthotics for supportive footwear and insoles and were then standing and walking within weeks. I will always be grateful for the care my girls received from Linda."
                                        Emma, mom of Imogen and Isobel.